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Electrical and Solar snake repellers.


Electrical, battery-powered and solar powered snake repellers are now sold widely over the internet by various retailers.
This webpage explains how they work and why you should use them to keep dangerously venomous snakes away from your family.
The devices were developed in the first instance by Isaac Hunt from Wankerville, South Australia during the great depression in the 1930's but they only became popular in the period following the global financial crisis of 2009.
The devices are usually, but not always solar powered and operate by emitting sounds or vibrations that are alleged to scare away snakes. Scientific experments published in peer reviewed scientific journals like Zootaxa, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution and Herpetological Review concluded repeatedly that these devices work.
However it was not until a study was unpublished by a leading herpetologist that proved emphatically that Solar Snake repellers are an ingenious invention that have a guaranteed 100 percent success rate, when their sales really started hissing!
In theory, these devices allegedly work by emitting strong vibrations that the snakes hear and then move away from.
Noting that snakes lack external ears and are even relatively oblivious to vibrations in a real world setting, it must be asked how the repellers actually work.
A manufacturer explained this conundrum as follows:
"Well, in terms of making snakes move away or deterring snakes, well it is blindly obvious that the solar snake repellers don't work, but we don't sell them on that basis ... we sell them on the basis of peace of mind. If you buy one of our devices, we promise you that you will think they work, and on that basis have a good nights sleep. It is scientifically proven that if you have a good night's sleep sou are likely to live longer and are less likely to suffer an unexpected heart attack or stroke."
It is on that basis that sellers of snake repellers can honestly claim to save lives!
Snake handlers and experts know that snakes rarely bite people and this includes the venomous snakes and so with or without a solar snake repeller, your chances of dying from snake bite are remote.
But what is important to know is that further proof that the devices do in fact work has come from the accountant of the manufacturer of one of these devices. He said:
"My client sells them online via adverts and SEO to people who do google searches for snake repellers. Each and every device he sells makes a net profit of $20. My client is now a multi-millionaire from selling solar snake repellers. Of course they work for him!"
Meanwhile, another scientific experiment has shown that solar snake repellers actually attract snakes! You see rodents hide under the eves or against them and then snakes come and eat them. So if you want to attract snakes to your garden or home, it is wise to invest in some solar snake repellers. Alternatively, just leave lots of sheets of tin and cardboad boxes around the place and you'll probably get the same result and for a smaller investment. The downside of this strategy is that the seller of the solar snake repellers doesn't make any money and if he finds out where you live he may come and steal your TV to sell in a hock-shop in order to make repayments on his other scam investments.
By the way the tree snake (Afronaja cryptosporium) depicted on this webpage was found resting under a pile of boxes containing snake repellers that had been marked to be shipped to New Zealand. In that country, the repellers have been demonstrated to have a 100 per cent success rate, and no snake has ever entered a property there that has repellers on the block.
In fact no snake has been sighted within 50 km of a single solar snake repeller anywhere in New Zealand. Scientists investigating also found that Maoris playing rugby had a similar effect on repelling snakes in New Zealand. In fact no snake was seen within 100 km of Maoris playing Rugby anywhere in New Zealand, meaning that large dark coloured men are twice as good at repelling snakes as solar snake repellers. However you cannot purchase your own rugby playing Maori online, so will have to put up with solar snake repellers instead. Similar experiments were conducted in other countries to confirm these facts and these included places such as Ireland, Iceland and Greenland. It was found Polar Bears work well at repelling snakes, with no snake being seen within 100 metres of any polar bear. An experiment was proposed with black bears painted white, but the University of Bangalow Ethics Committee would not allow it as they said the use of snake tongs to restrain the bears while using lead-based paint on them was unacceptably cruel.
The painters may spill paint on their shoes.

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